Portable Dance Floors for All kinds of Events - Expertly Installed


Our unique, handmade, highly engineered floors are the perfect solution for any event.


For Your Staff...

Stored on trollies, with brakes, it is easy to store, manoever and transport.

Lightweight and simple to install.

At 8.2 kg per full panel it can be laid by pretty much anyone.

'No fight' system, it should fit together with minimal effort, if there is resistance then there is something interfering with the mechanism, this prevents misuse and increases the life of the floor.

Very hard wearing.

For Your Dancers...

Provides a confident glide and smooth finish demanded by dancers, no loose fittings or exposed edges. This is from our unique locking mechanism which is strengthened by the brick bond fashion it is laid in. It will not pull apart. It 'butt' joints/short edges have slips inserted to prevent any height discrepencies between panels. 

If it is to be laid on carpet we suggest using anti-slip matting underneath to prevent it 'walking'. It is reusable and can give the floor a very slightly 'sprung' feel. 

We pack with a 3mm tolerance so there are no ‘soggy’ areas.

For Everyone...

It has been noted at many events that our floor is the quickest and easiest to use, install and remove. The initial siting and ensuring a straight line is maintained is essential, however as long as this is done it will go down with confidence and in good timeoe

Nice and Easy

The Nice and Easy floor is our most popular floor.  It is a great looking and versatile floor.  It is our own unique design.  There are no fixings or special tool required to lay the floor.  The floor is low profile, made from an engineered 18mm birch ply and finished with a very heard wearing varnish and our own pin-strip design.  It is transported in specially made trolleys.

It is a used for a range of dance events, from ballroom to ballet, and from salsa to street dance.

We have 2 floors available to hire.  Each are up to 450m2, and can be divided up into many smaller floors.

We have anti slip matting for problem floors, where the floor may "travel", in particular, on certain carpets.

Our customers include the International Ballroom Championships at the Royal Albert Hall, UK Dance Championships at Blackpool and Bournemouth, Donahey's Dancing with the Stars, The Ritz Hotel, Zoukfest, Mambo City, Diversity etc


The Jigsaw Floor is an older type, but still popular for it's simplicity and robust design.  It is often used at outdoor events, such as folk festivals, and fetes.

Good for medium-sized floors, particularly on grass, concrete or carpet. The panels are 1200 x 800, laid “playing-card” pattern.

For sale, and 36 sq. metres to hire.


The Campus system is a simple floor, ideal for festivals where a large dance floor is required on uneven ground.  It is made up of varnished 8' x 4' panels, screwed onto scafolding planks.  The planks are packed underneath.

We have 100 panel covering 300m2.