How we work

Our event floor hire team are committed to getting the floor right for you. We involve you, the venue and any other parties in our planning before the event so that everything goes smoothly on the day.

Our pre-event site visits mean that we have all the information we need to confirm that the floor is compatible with the venue and that all access and equipment issues are resolved.

Using our unique system, the floors are usually laid within 3 hours and levelled to within 3mm to remove any rocking.

We would normally allow 2 hours to remove the floor after your event has finished.

Our floors are made in the UK using the best materials. They are highly engineered and hand finished. A perfect combination. Every panel is checked and tested by us before being sent out to the customer.


Our Story

Portable-Floors is a small family run business.  It has been running for over 30 years, providing temporary dance floors for a wide range of events from festivals to ballroom dance championships and from the Albert Hall to people's own homes.

Over 30 years ago, Graham Colyer attended a local folk festival in South Petherton, where dancers were performing on the street on makeshift dance floors.  With a long history in woodwork and design, he was inspired to try to create a more practical and attractive solution for the performers.  And so, the first "jigsaw floor" was made.  It was all produced by hand, with easy to handle, interlocking pieces, ideal for the folk music scene.   This was beginning of a journey that has seen many different floors designed, built and developed over the years.  The range of floors has changed in response to customers needs and requests.  Some of the floors are still made by hand, whilst others are manufactured on highly sophisticated 5 axis CNC machines.  The results are always finely finished, crafted products.   The design and build challenge is still an exciting part of the business.

Now, many years later, Graham's son and daughter, Andrew and Catherine, have taken over the majority of the business.  They work on the larger event floors, and provide a personal service to customers,  bringing them the best floor for their chosen location and event.  Meanwhile, Graham is still involved, giving advice and support, while focusing on making the range of smaller practice floors.