Portable Floors: Temporary Flooring for Dance, Performance and Sports.

Our large temporary event floors have been used for decades, from the prestigious International Dance Championship events at Blackpool and the Royal Albert Hall, to private events and parties.  It is a tried and tested system, enjoyed by event organisers and dancers alike. 

Our unique range of floors, all manufactured by Portable-Floors Ltd, are immediately recogniseable, with their great look, and smooth, trip-free finish.

We plan extensively prior to the event to make sure the installation is as smooth as possible, and work to make your event special, with our positive, relaxed professional service. The floors are very quick to lay, often in just a few hours, and even quicker to remove.

We have worked alongside many of our customers for decades, but we still give the same dedication to new clients.  We are happy to chat about your event and offer any advice we can, in order to give you an individual,  no obligation quotation - usually within 24 hours.